Jan 28, 2013

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Google Talk Multi Instance

How will you login to to google accounts at same time from same machine? May be can use two browsers..

Again what if we want to use Gtalk to chat and at same time use two accounts, It happened to me 1 year ago when i was in my home and logged into Gtalk in my personnal gmail account. For some purpose I needed to chat with my senior at office and wanted to open one more instance of the chat but it was opening only one instance. Didn't find any solution to chat with my senior and continued a browser based chat.

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Jan 8, 2013

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Locate PHP configuration file

Locate your php.ini location

1.Create a new file say version.php
2.Type in the code
        echo phpinfo();

3.Save the file.
4.Upload to your web server and access the same file using the web url.
5.Check for 'Loaded Configuration File'  section and you will see the location where php.ini is saved.
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Sunrise from Home - Adoor

In native(Adoor) for a weekend leave.. ya for a week after long time. Had been to the terrace many times and was not much different this time too when i climbed the ladder in terrace to reach near the Water tank.
My cousin was scolding me, his concern was if I fell down and getting injured as its little riskier to climb, and after 2 days it was my engagement. I was enjoying the views from there,  I could see some small mountains far(I think some plantations near Kodumon / Ezhamkulam ).I could also see Vijaylaksmi Silks, Adoor.

Suddenly something came to mind, how would be the sunrise from this spot? never been at this spot early morning. Decided to climb there along with Camera next day. It was 6:30 AM and I climbed the ladder again., initially only clear sky was visible and little dark...
Suddenly he came out ya the Sun... the coconut tree and some trees from my neighboring houses made me to take some silhouette photos..

Posting it here..

Sunrise from home adoor
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Jan 1, 2013

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 Lot of short messages, emails, calls and direct wishes from friends, relatives, colleagues and strangers i road.. 3 words and a smile - "Happy New Year".
its nice feeling. But this year among many strangers 2 strangers wished me which gave much happiness to me than others.

As usual I was walking y to home from office through MG road and brigade Road. Compared to previous years this year media and police forces where more than the public, may be due to the recent Delhi incident. I was at brigade junction getting wished and wishing  for new year. Saw a police officer in duty busy managing the traffic, went to him and told "Happy New Year sir", he wished back and shake hand. Then he added- "What new year sir, cant spend time with my family, kids will be waiting.. got duty till 3.00AM".
He is loosing something to make us celebrate new year smoothly and his wish to me made me more happy.

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