Jun 20, 2013


Pathanamthitta - Gavi - Kumily on KSRTC Bus

The best and the economic way to reach Gavi is through the bus service run by KSRTC ( Kerala State Road Transport Corporation ). KSRTC runs 2 ordinary bus services daily between Kumily and Pathanamthitta. 2 schedules from both the KSRTC depots.  The majority part of the route passes through the thick forests and hilly terrains  of Periyar Tiger Reserve. Wild life sightings are regular, especially elephants. The service passes through  chittar, Seethathodu, Angamuzhi, Kakki Dam, Anathodu Dam, Pamba Dam, Gavi, Vallakadavu and Vandiperiyar.

Gavi road cutting through the hills

This bus and the route became famous after the release of the film Ordinary. Tough the major portions I believe should have been shooted outside this route. This route is much beautiful just after the monsoons and if you enjoy the monsoons... go and feel it, you wont be disappointed.

Google maps of the route: http://goo.gl/srm3LQ

Gavi through thick forest

The bus timings from both the KSRTC stations,

From Pathanamthitta to Kumily via Gavi :

Schedule 1:
06.30 AM : Pathanamthitta
11.00 AM : Gavi
12.45 PM : Kumily

Schedule 2:
01.30 PM : Pathanamthitta
06.00 PM : Gavi
07.45 PM : Kumily

From Kumily to Pathanamthitta via Gavi :

Schedule 1:
06.30 AM : Kumily
08.00 AM : Gavi
12.45 PM : Pathanamthitta

Schedule 2:
01.30 PM : Kumily
03.00 PM : Gavi
07.45 PM : Pathanamthitta

You can contact the Pathanamthitta KSRTC depot or Kumily KSRTC depot if you want to check more about the service. The phone numbers ,

Pathanamthitta KSRTC :
Office :  0468 - 2229213
Station Master :  0468 - 2222366

Kumily KSRTC :
Office :  0486- 9224242
Station Master :  0486- 9224242 (same as office)

Last climb to Gavi

Google maps of the route: http://goo.gl/srm3LQ

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  1. Gavi on monsoon : http://www.jinujohn.com/2012/07/trekking-in-thekkady-and-gavi.html

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  3. Is the bus route still functional?
    i wish to take the route on this long weekend. Could you suggest some places to stay

    1. Yes, Bus route is still functional. You can contact the KSRTC depo's for more details.
      Either you can stay in Kochupapma KSEB gues house (with recomendation)

      Or book KTDC accomodation at Gavi

  4. KSRTC from kumily to gavi starts at 5:30am.Please update that

    1. Think its 6:30 AM.
      Will check again with sources and update as i get info

  5. On 12.12.18, I am in this Pathanamthitta - Gavi bus, that which starts from Pathanamthitta KSRTC bus stand at 6.30 am.

  6. Bus starts at 6.30 am from Pathanamthitta KSRTC bus stand.