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Jul 16, 2012


Nature call and the step falls

After first day of camping at Dudhsagar we were in the railway track walking towards Kulem, - our destination.  The sweeper, the last lady and Baba was walking at the end. Baba from morning was bit upset as he has not got the nature call yet.. finally he gets the call and started to look for that corner of nature to explore.. At one point he saw a side stream and some heavy waterfall sound, he shouted to the sweeper who was walking little ahead . Sweeper went to Baba and they decided to go down and check the stream. There were stairs going down. The lady started following these people. Baba got disappointed seeing the lady following  them as he thought of fulfilling his need some where around... 
We crossed a small stream and some knee deep stream and found a step falls... what made it special was the green  patches of grass between the rocks. So it was combination of black rock, white water and green grass in between... a stepped waterfalls .
So Baba’s  nature call helps us find a stepped waterfalls .. lot people  might have been there before and after us but we found it due to Baba’s nature call.
Some pictures of the great expedition,

Step waterfalls near  Dudhsagar

Step waterfalls near  Kulem
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