Dec 12, 2011

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Why did i start blogging?

Why did i start Blogging?
Well I don't have a perfect answer for this question.. :). i had my domain registered for long time and haven't used it for long time.
Only used the domain for testing and implementing my PHP/MySql codes. But major of the time it remained unattended and unused.
Ya sometimes also used to send large files by uploading them in the web space and send the link to download. I checked the memory usage and 20% of the storage is used by files which didn't have any use to my domain..
Being associated with web and software i thought why don't i connect my domain to Blogger. Yes i configured it and ... then...
Again unattended for long time, will sit on writing something but cant even proceed more than 1 or 2 paragraphs- so realized cant be a good blogger.

Now again feeling that I can express so many things through the blog. Not to impress but to express myself and I decided  to blog about whatever comes to mind.I sometimes feel like posting some pics and write about it, some programming stuff , some travel and lot.... If i feel like writing/posting am going to do that.. otherwise the space is going to be empty.
Planning to collect memories and put up. Lets see how it proceeds...
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