Aug 19, 2012

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Haunted House in St Marks Road

Well did the title gives a haunted feeling? I too got the same feeling when I heard about it from a friend. he told me that some of his college friends went there to inspect the location and one guy got strange feelings and they came out of the place. I goggled for the place and was able to find some glitches of the location and place but not able to figure out where exactly its. Every day while going to office through St marks Road but never found any building so strange. I asked my friend to get the exact location from his friends and he did it for me and told me that its beside the petrol pump in St marks Road. Tough got the hint to the location never got chance to go there.

I think we visited the place in  August 2012 not sure of date tough .It was one fine Saturday when me and my friend Justin after seeing a film in Sangeeth , Shivaji Nagar was walking back to MG road. Thank god it was not a horror film we watched, otherwise ghosts might have followed us :). It was 9.00PM and we reached Anil Kumble circle suddenly i remembered about the Haunted house and told Justin about it.. for him also it felt interesting to explore but he told Sunday we will come after church and explore in day light.

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