Oct 8, 2012


Paithalmala Trek

Paithalmala also called Vaithalmala is a hill with an altitude of 1300+  meters located in Kannur district of Kerala.
Nearest Railway Statuion: Payyanur or Kannur
Bus: buses are available from Kannur and payyannur to Kudiyanmala and Kappimala. From there take a jeep drive to starting point of the trek.

From Bangalore: Bangalore - Mysore - Virajpet - Iritty - Kudiyanmala - Paithalmala

Best Season: Post monsoon when the grass lands are green. Monsoons one can trek but beware of leaches.

Note: If you are not sure of trekking trail don't venture here as you may get lost in the vast coorg forests and its difficult to find the way back.

Paithalmala  borders the forests of Coorg and is an extension to the vast forests of Kodagu hills. The hills is mainly grass lands with few shola forests in between. Half the hills are encroached and converted to estates / resorts etc. There are some private resorts there and recently there had been an inaguration of a Government guest house  handled DTPC, Kannur. But its not yet functional, soon they may open it for public.
Its an upcoming tourist destination in Kannur.

At the top there are few trails to walk along the ridges and few view points created to promote tourism. Carry your food. Carry water depending on the season you are going.

There are 2 trekking routes to the peak, one from Pottenplave and another from Kappimala. Trekking from Pottenplave is much easier as the intial climbs you can cover in some private vehicles/auto/jeeps tought the road is little steep at some places.

There are lot of seasonal waterfalls  which becomes active in monsoons. En route to the peak take a deviation from the road theirs a layer of waterfalls (only in monsoons and post monsoons), just check with localities to get route to that.. enjoy them from the safer side as they are some risky places.

Some pictures from a monsoon trek,

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Oct 6, 2012

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Disposable Emails

Disposable EmailNow a days most of the forums asks for user verification/validation through emails.

How will you trust the authenticity of the site, will they spam my inbox, will they sell my email address to third party?

Don't worry... there's something called disposable emails. Get some random email ids which lasts for a small time duration.
On visiting the site you will be given a temporary email id (some junk email)  and a mail box which you can for use any purpose... there will be a life time given for that email ids, some sites gives 10 minutes, some 60 minutes etc. You can even extend the life time in some of the sites.
During this life time you can get messages to your inbox, reply to the messages.

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Sep 23, 2012

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Stop naming wild animals

Wild animals.. they belong to the wild and they live their life there, stop treating them like your pets and naming them. When ever i travel to the forest bordered villages or talking to photographers all mention some names referring tigers, elephants , deers etc...  maniyan, chemban, ganeshan , sweety,  sundari, harini etc etc...   May be they are showing their affection/love by naming them and calling them, but doesnt they belong to the wild? Leave them in wild and stop treating them like your pets...  In zoos they name them but in wild they belong to  wild and its a very bad thing to name them I feel...
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Aug 19, 2012

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Haunted House in St Marks Road

Well did the title gives a haunted feeling? I too got the same feeling when I heard about it from a friend. he told me that some of his college friends went there to inspect the location and one guy got strange feelings and they came out of the place. I goggled for the place and was able to find some glitches of the location and place but not able to figure out where exactly its. Every day while going to office through St marks Road but never found any building so strange. I asked my friend to get the exact location from his friends and he did it for me and told me that its beside the petrol pump in St marks Road. Tough got the hint to the location never got chance to go there.

I think we visited the place in  August 2012 not sure of date tough .It was one fine Saturday when me and my friend Justin after seeing a film in Sangeeth , Shivaji Nagar was walking back to MG road. Thank god it was not a horror film we watched, otherwise ghosts might have followed us :). It was 9.00PM and we reached Anil Kumble circle suddenly i remembered about the Haunted house and told Justin about it.. for him also it felt interesting to explore but he told Sunday we will come after church and explore in day light.

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Jul 25, 2012


Trekking in Thekkady and Gavi

Gavi..?? where in Kerala? Is it a tourist place? Which district it is? etc these were the queries i got after posting the event in the website. Monsoons in its peak time,bad time to visit the forests of Periyar tiger reserve. Good response and a bunch of people registered within the first week and was forced to close the registration within few dates.

So Friday night I reached Shanti Nagar bus stand from where our bus to Kumily was booked. People started coming and finally after all late comers majority seats of the bus were filled by the ascenders. We started of to Kumily, morning when woke up we were in the plains of Tamil Nadu near Kumbam. Hills far ahead, grape farms and drizzling, a good sign to start up with the day. We could see a waterfall sliding through the hills and I made an announcement its Chellarkovil waterfalls and we will be visiting that today. All heads out of windows to see it:):).

After 1 hour of climbing up from Cumbam we reached Kumily... cool and pleasant atmosphere welcomed we crossed the check post in border to Kerala. We checked in to hotel and decided to start by 10.00AM after breakfast with a Jeep ride. mean time went to the forest office and made the arrangements for Gavi passes. By 10.00AM 4 Jeeps were in front of the Hotel and all occupied the best seats and we headed off to Ottakathalamedu (camel head top, if I translated correct ) view point in Kumily. When we started climate was good but as we attained altitude it started drizzling.

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Jul 16, 2012


Nature call and the step falls

After first day of camping at Dudhsagar we were in the railway track walking towards Kulem, - our destination.  The sweeper, the last lady and Baba was walking at the end. Baba from morning was bit upset as he has not got the nature call yet.. finally he gets the call and started to look for that corner of nature to explore.. At one point he saw a side stream and some heavy waterfall sound, he shouted to the sweeper who was walking little ahead . Sweeper went to Baba and they decided to go down and check the stream. There were stairs going down. The lady started following these people. Baba got disappointed seeing the lady following  them as he thought of fulfilling his need some where around... 
We crossed a small stream and some knee deep stream and found a step falls... what made it special was the green  patches of grass between the rocks. So it was combination of black rock, white water and green grass in between... a stepped waterfalls .
So Baba’s  nature call helps us find a stepped waterfalls .. lot people  might have been there before and after us but we found it due to Baba’s nature call.
Some pictures of the great expedition,

Step waterfalls near  Dudhsagar

Step waterfalls near  Kulem
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Jul 4, 2012

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Idiot Box

During my study days this was the hot topic in debates.. "pros and cons of  TV( television) ", and who were supporting the bad side of it used  to call it as Idiot box. Some advantages they used to say were fast to get news, developments, learn English faster, new technologies etc etc and disadvantages I used to hear were affecting studies, not good for eyes, culture less programs etc etc...  But of all every one considered it as a great invention... the elders used to say that time, we used to hear radio and you people are lucky to watch along..

Time passed and every one had forgot the Idiot Box as  it mostly remained as a mode of entertainment. Then came the Computer era for which all had good things to say and advantages only. I think the main reason all believed the Computer era to be good was the ones lesser knowledge about this field at that time... following the computers came the laptop, palmtop, internet etc etc and computer too started getting its cons list...

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May 5, 2012

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I am not into photography nor a photographer

I love seeing work of some awesome photographers and their professional way of taking and processing pictures. I love taking pictures, experimenting and processing them but my talents am not much dedicated to that and not professionally into it. I own a basic DSLR camera (EOS 1100 D) doesn't mean am into photography.... I love taking pics and I say am a clickographer.. so professional questions and photography things are long away from my side...

Traveling comes first and clicking photos comes second.At this point of time I could say  I love clicking and kill my time processing it and enjoy doing it.. that's it...  
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Apr 3, 2012

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Freecycle Bangalore

Freecycle BangaloreUnused gadgets, books and almost everything which you wont use for long time may go to garbage only.. How about giving it to some one who may need it. As it was no use for you why don't give it for free.
Mt friend Ravi Ghosh was telling about the Freecycle group on web and he created a Facebook group for people to freecycle. Nice initiative by Ravi to bring Freecycle Bangalore to bring to Facebook which made more freecycling opportunities.

Wiki says - "Freecycling, or free recycling, is the act of giving away usable unwanted items to others instead of disposing of them in landfills"

Ravi says always - "Rule for unsed - If you have not used it for last 6 months, you would probably never use it and never can sell it at a price worth selling.".

About Freecycle:
Freecycle Bangalore is an unofficial FB group based on the concept of freecycling.


WHAT'S THE PURPOSE: Give goods that you don't need/use anymore to someone who might make use of it at no cost, absolutely FREE.

Find the group here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/freecycleblr/
also go through the About and Rules and Regulations sections before you start freecycling.


Few funny posts happened when the group was started... some thought its all about giving free Cycles  and was requesting for cycles. One other thing which made us laugh was a para in the about section which stated -  "A REQUEST: This group is intended to create a forum for exchange of virtually anything, except babies, husbands, wives, arms, drugs, and bombs but at no cost. It has to be FREE."  . LOL except babies, husbands,wives... :)

Start Freecycling and once used, if you feel its of no much use to you... freecycle again.
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