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Mar 16, 2013


Ramadevara Betta - Tumkur

Ramadevara Betta lies near the Bangalore-Tumkur road/rail line near Kyatsandra .The hill can be accessed from various sides of Kyatsandra , most popular and clear approach is through the famous Siddaganga Mutt.The top of the hill is a huge rock with views of the surrounding towns including Tumkur. if you cant find the proper route you may end up at the base of the hige rock, so be careful while trekking up in finding clear path and ascend the rock through the slopes.Theres a pond/lake with lotus in the top, but cannot be used for drinking purposes, so carry enough water from the mutt before you start. 

Siddaganga Matha in Kyatsandra is a charitable institution providing education,boarding and stay for children acroos Karnataka. Ask any one and they will be happy to show you the path to Mutt.If you are not sure of the trail to the peak, ask any of the High school kid in the mutt and they will be happy to take you to the top.From the mutta follow the concrete road till the small lake where you will find a small cave kind of structure in your left. From there take the trail going left to the top.
There are lot of small caves, temples, some fort structures and huge boulders to satisfy your adventurous needs.If you want to stay there, Siddaganga mutt can be an option.

Kyatsandra  is famous for its  thatte idly  which is made in a plate and its delicious, try in hotel Pavithra.

Height: Close to 1200 meters
Distance: 60+Kms from Bangalore
Nearest Town: Kyatsandra
Nearest railway station: Kyatsandra, but only few of the passenger trains stops there
                       : Other option is reaching Tumkur and taking local trasport.
Bus: Often buses which plies between Bangalore-Tumkur and return, get down at Kyatsandra

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