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Mar 16, 2013


Ramadevara Betta - Tumkur

Ramadevara Betta lies near the Bangalore-Tumkur road/rail line near Kyatsandra .The hill can be accessed from various sides of Kyatsandra , most popular and clear approach is through the famous Siddaganga Mutt.The top of the hill is a huge rock with views of the surrounding towns including Tumkur. if you cant find the proper route you may end up at the base of the hige rock, so be careful while trekking up in finding clear path and ascend the rock through the slopes.Theres a pond/lake with lotus in the top, but cannot be used for drinking purposes, so carry enough water from the mutt before you start. 

Siddaganga Matha in Kyatsandra is a charitable institution providing education,boarding and stay for children acroos Karnataka. Ask any one and they will be happy to show you the path to Mutt.If you are not sure of the trail to the peak, ask any of the High school kid in the mutt and they will be happy to take you to the top.From the mutta follow the concrete road till the small lake where you will find a small cave kind of structure in your left. From there take the trail going left to the top.
There are lot of small caves, temples, some fort structures and huge boulders to satisfy your adventurous needs.If you want to stay there, Siddaganga mutt can be an option.

Kyatsandra  is famous for its  thatte idly  which is made in a plate and its delicious, try in hotel Pavithra.

Height: Close to 1200 meters
Distance: 60+Kms from Bangalore
Nearest Town: Kyatsandra
Nearest railway station: Kyatsandra, but only few of the passenger trains stops there
                       : Other option is reaching Tumkur and taking local trasport.
Bus: Often buses which plies between Bangalore-Tumkur and return, get down at Kyatsandra

Some random picture,

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Jan 1, 2013

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 Lot of short messages, emails, calls and direct wishes from friends, relatives, colleagues and strangers i road.. 3 words and a smile - "Happy New Year".
its nice feeling. But this year among many strangers 2 strangers wished me which gave much happiness to me than others.

As usual I was walking y to home from office through MG road and brigade Road. Compared to previous years this year media and police forces where more than the public, may be due to the recent Delhi incident. I was at brigade junction getting wished and wishing  for new year. Saw a police officer in duty busy managing the traffic, went to him and told "Happy New Year sir", he wished back and shake hand. Then he added- "What new year sir, cant spend time with my family, kids will be waiting.. got duty till 3.00AM".
He is loosing something to make us celebrate new year smoothly and his wish to me made me more happy.

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Aug 19, 2012

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Haunted House in St Marks Road

Well did the title gives a haunted feeling? I too got the same feeling when I heard about it from a friend. he told me that some of his college friends went there to inspect the location and one guy got strange feelings and they came out of the place. I goggled for the place and was able to find some glitches of the location and place but not able to figure out where exactly its. Every day while going to office through St marks Road but never found any building so strange. I asked my friend to get the exact location from his friends and he did it for me and told me that its beside the petrol pump in St marks Road. Tough got the hint to the location never got chance to go there.

I think we visited the place in  August 2012 not sure of date tough .It was one fine Saturday when me and my friend Justin after seeing a film in Sangeeth , Shivaji Nagar was walking back to MG road. Thank god it was not a horror film we watched, otherwise ghosts might have followed us :). It was 9.00PM and we reached Anil Kumble circle suddenly i remembered about the Haunted house and told Justin about it.. for him also it felt interesting to explore but he told Sunday we will come after church and explore in day light.

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Apr 3, 2012

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Freecycle Bangalore

Freecycle BangaloreUnused gadgets, books and almost everything which you wont use for long time may go to garbage only.. How about giving it to some one who may need it. As it was no use for you why don't give it for free.
Mt friend Ravi Ghosh was telling about the Freecycle group on web and he created a Facebook group for people to freecycle. Nice initiative by Ravi to bring Freecycle Bangalore to bring to Facebook which made more freecycling opportunities.

Wiki says - "Freecycling, or free recycling, is the act of giving away usable unwanted items to others instead of disposing of them in landfills"

Ravi says always - "Rule for unsed - If you have not used it for last 6 months, you would probably never use it and never can sell it at a price worth selling.".

About Freecycle:
Freecycle Bangalore is an unofficial FB group based on the concept of freecycling.


WHAT'S THE PURPOSE: Give goods that you don't need/use anymore to someone who might make use of it at no cost, absolutely FREE.

Find the group here:
also go through the About and Rules and Regulations sections before you start freecycling.


Few funny posts happened when the group was started... some thought its all about giving free Cycles  and was requesting for cycles. One other thing which made us laugh was a para in the about section which stated -  "A REQUEST: This group is intended to create a forum for exchange of virtually anything, except babies, husbands, wives, arms, drugs, and bombs but at no cost. It has to be FREE."  . LOL except babies, husbands,wives... :)

Start Freecycling and once used, if you feel its of no much use to you... freecycle again.
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