Jan 1, 2013

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 Lot of short messages, emails, calls and direct wishes from friends, relatives, colleagues and strangers i road.. 3 words and a smile - "Happy New Year".
its nice feeling. But this year among many strangers 2 strangers wished me which gave much happiness to me than others.

As usual I was walking y to home from office through MG road and brigade Road. Compared to previous years this year media and police forces where more than the public, may be due to the recent Delhi incident. I was at brigade junction getting wished and wishing  for new year. Saw a police officer in duty busy managing the traffic, went to him and told "Happy New Year sir", he wished back and shake hand. Then he added- "What new year sir, cant spend time with my family, kids will be waiting.. got duty till 3.00AM".
He is loosing something to make us celebrate new year smoothly and his wish to me made me more happy.

And today morning was walking to office through MG road, and the sweeper was cleaning the Metro side platform. I wished her "Happy New Year" and she turned to me and smiled and continued her work. The garbage the new year night has generated was huge and shes cleaning each corner with a smiling face. Her smile too was a New Year wish for me which had value.

So then I thought what value my wishes have and I haven't done anything great, so decided to do something and I did by helping few people and feel very happy now. So its a Happy New Year for me.Its a Happy New Year not only because of this but of many other reasons... So I can wish myself and others

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