Mar 8, 2013

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Filtering emails using plus sign

Gmail allows you to add a plus sign ("+") followed by text or numbers in your email address. That is, you'll receive all emails sent to in your inbox. For example, use to register for travel related mails. Can create n number of filter emails like this.

Also using this method can track mails coming from websites and for avoiding spam.If you create a filter email and sign up for a website and later get mail from another website then make sure that they are cheaters and had sold your email address. For example you have subscribed to site xyz as to get xyz updates.. and at a later stage get updates from abc make sure your email address has been sold/given to other sites too. This way can track the emails too.

So bad at explaining.. Sorry , so if you still didn't get the point here its with an example...

Your email :

Subscribe to with the email id :

so  mails from will be coming to your account... but you can create separate filters and group it.

Also  Filtering emails using dot sign

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