Oct 6, 2012

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Disposable Emails

Disposable EmailNow a days most of the forums asks for user verification/validation through emails.

How will you trust the authenticity of the site, will they spam my inbox, will they sell my email address to third party?

Don't worry... there's something called disposable emails. Get some random email ids which lasts for a small time duration.
On visiting the site you will be given a temporary email id (some junk email)  and a mail box which you can for use any purpose... there will be a life time given for that email ids, some sites gives 10 minutes, some 60 minutes etc. You can even extend the life time in some of the sites.
During this life time you can get messages to your inbox, reply to the messages.

Am not giving any direct links to these kind of sites... just search in Google with these keywords and you may find n number of sites...
  •     Disposable Emails
  •     10 minute email
  •     Temporary email service
  •     One day email etc.
Use it where you need email addresses temporarily and on non trusted websites where u need short time access.

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