Jul 4, 2012

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Idiot Box

During my study days this was the hot topic in debates.. "pros and cons of  TV( television) ", and who were supporting the bad side of it used  to call it as Idiot box. Some advantages they used to say were fast to get news, developments, learn English faster, new technologies etc etc and disadvantages I used to hear were affecting studies, not good for eyes, culture less programs etc etc...  But of all every one considered it as a great invention... the elders used to say that time, we used to hear radio and you people are lucky to watch along..

Time passed and every one had forgot the Idiot Box as  it mostly remained as a mode of entertainment. Then came the Computer era for which all had good things to say and advantages only. I think the main reason all believed the Computer era to be good was the ones lesser knowledge about this field at that time... following the computers came the laptop, palmtop, internet etc etc and computer too started getting its cons list...

Time again passed computers/laptops still remain but mobiles had took over all these idiot boxes, but can the mobile be called an idiot box? debatable....

Where will the pros and cons of inventions end...the saga continues...

But actual thing is, the biggest Idiot Box is human brain  and the humans should train it to utilize for good.. me too trying that... :)
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